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Episode 1.1

Holy shit, the first episode of BSoD! Actually the first episode prerelease was leaked. This is the final version. Yeah, there are lots of mistakes, but piss off, its still some good shit.

We cover some ground on the type of show BSoD will be. Open Source, packed full of tips and informations, and no noob bashing flame'tards. Episode 1 brings us some applications for Network hacking under XP, Intro to Phone Phreaking, how to dress leet, or in other words, how to have a fun day in the field doing good ol' techno-terror without getting mugged, and how to set up and record segments for BSoD!

Episode 1.1

  • Dressing Leet
  • Hacking with Windows XP
  • Intro to Phone Phreaking
  • How to Submit Your Own Segments
  • iPod mp4 and xvid avi formats are available.

    (Xvid – Mirror 3)
    (iPad – Mirror 3)